Support to Wetland Biodiversity Rehabilitation Project

FHRC Bangladesh office is providing technical support to this project undertaken by GTZ. To address earlier loss of wetland biodiversity associated with flood control and drainage, GTZ (German aid) has taken up a major project to extend community based management, habitat restoration and integrated approaches to water and floodplain management in Pabna district in western Bangladesh.

In 2009 FHRC provided technical advice and undertook start up support involving surveys and inventories of all waterbodies (over 50) and associated communities in the project area, and gave advice and support to some initial small scale interventions with communities.
In 2009-11 FHRC has been responsible for baseline monitoring of biodiversity covering fish catches, waterbirds and Ganges River Dolphin counts, and baseline monitoring of fish consumption. During winter 2009-10 a small population of at least 12 of the globally threatened (endangered) Ganges River DolphinPlatanista gangetica were regularly seen and 94 bird species were recorded, of which 36 are waterbird species and (including waterbirds) 51 are considered wetland dependent. Notably 12 species of bird of prey were recorded. At least 50 species of fish were recorded, and catch per fisher per day was very high in the peak season when fish from larger floodplains are concentrated into remaining water.

Beel Gondohosti drained for fishing (a former fish sanctuary), December 2009

Net for catching waterbirds, Beel Moisherchar Canal, March 2010

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