Society for Water Resources Management
The SWRM is a federation of about 250 grass roots community based organizations (CBOs) in Bangladesh, organized into four regional chapters.

  1. To improve natural resource management and governance among member CBOs.
  2. To help voice the opinions of CBOs on floodplain policies and practices.

Exchange visit of CBO leaders to Baikka Beel in northeast

CBO federation committees from three region

In late 2010 about 250 CBOs are members of the SWRM. Membership is open to CBOs working for sustainable management of floodplain natural resources including fisheries, water, environmental services, and agriculture. CBOs should have “graduated” (completed) support from any projects that helped in their formation. Member CBOs must have established rights over a defined area of floodplain or waterbody. Each is a formally constituted people’s organisation recognized by the government (for example as a cooperative or a voluntary organization under the Social Welfare Department). Each CBO itself represents several villages and may have a membership of several hundred households. Member CBOs commit to following good practices in resource management, participation, and their organisational procedures. Membership fees are Tk 200 per CBO per year.

The society was registered as a legal entity under the Society Registration Act, 1860 on 29 April 2008 (Registration No. S-7756 (946)/08).

For further information:
SWRM Chairperson: Moazem Hossain (01721 369409)
SWRM Secretary: Sultan Ahmed (01922 751873)
Flood Hazard Research Centre: Parvin Sultana  (01711 432205)

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