Parvin Sultana,
BSc (Honours), MSc, PhD
Roles and Responsibilities
Parvin has a PhD from Colorado State University in natural resource management. She has been associated with the Center since 1994, and since 2004 has been a member of staff. After early work on agricultural pest anagement, she has specialised on research on water resource, fisheries and integrated floodplain management mainly in Bangladesh but also in South-east Asia. She has also conducted extensive impact surveys and developed participatory planning methods.
Research Interests
Current research interests include integrated floodplain management, community based fisheries management, participatory planning methods, and institutional aspects of local management of floodplain resources.
Selected Publications
Sultana, P., and P. Thompson. 2004. Methods of Consensus Building for Community Based Fisheries Management in Bangladesh and the Mekong Delta. Agricultural Systems 82(3): 327-353. Sultana, P., P. Thompson and M. Ahmed. 2002. Women-Led Fisheries Management - A Case Study from Bangladesh. Pp 89-96 in Williams, M.J., Chao, N.H., Choo, P.S., Matics, K., Nandeesha, M.C., Shariff, M., Siason, I., Tech, E. and Wong, J.M.C. (eds.) Global Symposium on Women in Fisheries, Sixth Asian Fisheries Forum, Kaohsiung, Taiwan, 29 November 2001. WorldFish Center, Penang. Thompson, P., Roos, N., Sultana, P. and S.H. Thilsted, 2002, Changing Significance of Inland Fisheries for Livelihoods and Nutrition in Bangladesh. Journal of Crop Production, 6(1-2): 249-317. Sultana, P and P.M. Thompson. 1997. Impact of Flood Control and Drainage on Fisheries in Bangladesh and Design of Mitigating Measures. Regulated Rivers 13: 43-55. Sultana, P., P.M. Thompson and M.G. Daplyn. 1995. Impact of Surface Water Management Projects on Agriculture in Bangladesh. Project Appraisal 10(3): 243-259.
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