FHRC Bangladesh Programme

Flood Hazard Research Centre has maintained an office in Bangladesh since 2005 initially linked with Independent University Bangladesh and more recently a separate office to accommodate growth. FHRC Bangladesh is also registered for consultancy work in Bangladesh.

Our team in Bangladesh has extensive experience over the last 20 years in research and development related to flood and flood protection impacts, water management, and management of floodplain natural resources including fisheries, wetlands and agriculture. This includes action research on:

  • the institutional arrangements for community based co-management of wetlands and fisheries;
  • post project evaluations and impact assessments;
  • resource inventories;
  • designing, managing and analysing extensive household baseline and impact assessment surveys, and
  • regular household level panel monitoring.

FHRC currently has collaborations with :

For more information on the Flood Hazard Research Centre, a specialist centre with over 40 years of experience, or on Middlesex University, one of the largest universities in the UK located in north London see FHRC or click here.

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